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When we are stopped by the manual limitations, we resort to software. Software is mainly innovative and the result of an idea which is developed by years of brain storming and understanding of human behavior. Sounds awkward?

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What is Web Developing? As the word is suggesting, it is the process of developing your online web identity, if you have one that is. When you start off a business in the web,

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User Experience design commonly known as UX DESIGN is the design of communicating with customers. How should a product be presented, what would be the best usable way for your product, how should your product communicate with your customers,

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Graphics Design

Most of the things we see all around us are the work of graphics. Using graphic tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, sketchpad, AutoCAD etc. graphic designers of the modern era are decorating the world in the most celebrated fashion.

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If you have a product which is really good, quality is really high, innovative as well as creative, its essentially very interesting and useful for people. Overall, there is nothing bad about your product and you think it’s the PERFECT THING? But you have 0% marketing strategy behind it; then guess what,

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Complete safety and security system

Our services also include some offline services like providing you advanced security technologies that secure your day to day life from any kind of harmful attacks of crime and others.

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Pricing Options

$400 Per Month/$150
3 Month
  • On-page work
  • Off-page work
  • Social networking
$1200 Per Month/$150
9 Month
  • On-page work
  • Off-page work
  • Social networking
$1500 Per Month/$150
12 Month
  • On-page work
  • Off-page work
  • Social networking
$2,000 One Time
  • Latest version of WordPress installed
  • 10 pages Design & Development
  • Social media sharing options
  • Easy theme option
  • 100% mobile device compatible
  • One custom website design with one revision
  • One custom-built contact form
  • newsletter sign up form
  • One year of free hosting and domain registration
$3500 One Time
  • Latest version of WordPress installed
  • Site Layout Design 20 pages
  • Responsive web design & Development
  • WooCommerce for eCommerce
  • Eye catching slider
  • Easy management Gallery
  • Payment method
  • Two hours of WordPress training
  • Plus one year of free hosting and domain registration

Our Works

Software Design and Development

POS system- [Cashbox]

Web Design and Development

Corporate website Design- Newmoon

Complete safety and security system

CCTV surveillance System

Graphics Design

Logo-Articoli Digitali

Water Purifier

Lan Shan-Water Purifier

User Experience Design

The Process of Card sorting

Internet Marketing

Skill Development

Learning & Earning Development Project- Madaripur

Team Members

Mohammad Hasan Sajjad

Chairman & CEO

I don't start project without plan amd stretegy which is my strength of success.

Saifur Rahman Tanin

Managing Director

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

Mohammad Saiful Islam

User Experience Designer

Good Design is a Solution and it’s all about care, feelings and perfection.

Shahadat Hossain


I believe that each website poses unique challenges and therefore requires a customized SEO strategy to get best results.

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